Entrance doors


A beautiful door is the business card of the house occupants express style, imprinting a personal note facade. Doors S 8000 IQ profile system are elements of architectural design and facade appearance may influence the size, shape and distribution exterior. Finally rounding oblique geometry and profile accentuate the classic line and gives it a modern and attractive, individuality and value.

Advantages doors GEALAN

  • variety of decors
  • reliability guaranteed
  • highest stability thanks to reinforcement thick and 74 mm construction depth.
  • secure against intrusion
  • Good thermal insulation with fiberglass reinforcement with thresholds
  • Special seal against the tide
  • resistance to rain DIN EN 12208 class 7
  • geometry and the outer surface are easy to clean maintenance possible without problems
S 8000 IQ Door with exceptional stability

If entrance doors PVC stability, torsional rigidity and durability corner plays an important role. Therefore GEALAN designed door beams S 8000 IQ system so as to allow mounting the largest possible reinforcements. In addition, special arrangement of beams at a construction depth of 74 mm allows use of steel with higher resistance to bending by 30%. Reinforcements are already milled in advance to enable rapid installation of locking elements. Media thresholds used in other systems already allow GEALAN tight closure on the threshold of the door.

To improve torsional rigidity and to strengthen the corners of the door, there are elements appropriate corner joint. The multitude of accessories allows the construction of the various door models. In profile both doors can be mounted fittings and locking modules available on the market, and fillers up to 40 mm. Door Profiles are available in twelve standard colors acrylcolor or six types of faux wood shades plus numerous extra-standard.