Rolls provides enhanced privacy, protecting owners’ gaze of curious when windows are oriented to the street or to a neighboring house. Also significantly reduced noise pollution is offering comfort.

The rolls come to complete all PVC joinery, providing the ability to adjust the indoor climate and helping to save energy. In summer rolls are as a thermal barrier, which prevents overheating the interior space. In the cold season rolls reduces heat loss, making a very good thermal insulation.

Rolls of aluminum are present in an extremely wide range of colors, by the vision and customer needs and are designed to protect from the weather window. They possess, besides elegant appearance, designed to protect against thieves entering the room and can be equipped with safety accessories that do not allow in any way forced outside their building.

Tamistef meets your needs with 3 types of rolls:

Roll advantages

  • Weather-protection windows
  • Ensure a high level of privacy against prying eyes
  • Reducing energy loss, making a good thermal insulation.
Roll Overlay

Stacked rolls are mounted over again crafted woodwork and falls with it into the box for ferestrei.Va offer a wide range of colors box and tabs roll to keep the design of the building façade and PVC joinery.

Box Enterprise coils are stacked inside the room, at the bottom, to facilitate quick access inside. Position the tape and open the cover masking tape allow visitation both interior and exterior.

Stacked rolls offers the possibility of mounting a mobile insect in the box. If coils stacked insect is mounted outside the curtain slides and not behind it. The explanation is that overlapped roller ensure a high coefficient of thermal protection inside. For this to be achieved thermal protection, aluminum slats must be as close to the doors.

Outdoor rink applied

Aluminum exterior shutters are present in an extremely wide range of colors, the customer, and are designed to protect the window from weather and to completely obstruct the access of light in the room. The type of material they are made and its quality while ensuring outstanding stability, handling this type of rolls is particularly high, ensuring operated facility. Aluminum, with its anti-corrosive properties, electrostatic painted allow easy cleaning and maintenance and longer usage.

The exterior blinds are fitted to the window frame and adapts to any type of carpentry. Are easy to maintain, have a high resistance to wind, rain or other natural phenomena.

PVC roll

PVC shutters are the most economical filters against light, dust, noise and temperature variations. They are a viable solution for the installation of shading on PVC joinery. Slats and guide profiles are PVC, galvanized steel box is, and the drive is manual.