Sistemul S 3000

Advantages S3000

  • Sealing thermal and sound good due to special arrangement of chambers
  • Exceptional Stability thick steel reinforcement due to the frames and sashes
  • Very easy to clean thanks to the canal’s large frame
  • Line classic exterior with double tilt semi-staggered sash
Technical specifications

The windows of the profile system GEALAN S3000 combines the latest technology with a window shows all of the comfort and quality for a long service life. With their elegant proportions express the spirit of a young and dynamic generation.

The smooth functioning of modern windows depends mainly on stability. This is ensured by the geometry S3000 system profiles, building depth 62 mm thick and hardening of frames and sashes. Concerted action of these factors guarantees high functionality even over years. S3000 means and aesthetic balance, whether it is the classic version or oriented design with rounded edges.

In design facades and rooms of particular importance lies with different colors and decors. To this end GEALAN secured by new technology laminating all the premises. Thanks to this technology can be done almost any combination of acrylcolor, foil or wood decor foil uni, whether or rounding profiles have many complex edges.

Advantages S8000 IQ

  • Construction depth of 74 mm for outstanding thermal insulation properties
  • The main room increased to allow the insertion of steel reinforcement
  • Available in multiple variants and decoration wood acrylcolor
  • Possibility to install automatic ventilation system GECCO (Gealan Clima Control)
  • Easy to clean due to the large channel of the frame
  • Design ageless classic baguette and round-leaved
System S 8000 IQ
Consider the importance of thermal insulation and also want to print personality to your home through windows decor or special surfaces like wood or aluminum plating acrylcolor? We recommend our system 6 rooms and 74 mm construction depth.

Technical specifications
  • Window 48 mm thermal and sound insulation with STV® for enhanced
  • Uf = 1.1 W / m² K (cf. CBCE plc.)
  • Class 5 noise protection (reduces noise to 47 decibels)
  • And version acrylcolor: acrylcolor surfaces are highly resistant to scratching and aggression, are antistatic, easy to clean and keeps its color for longer.
  • Allow to dry sticking glass (STV®), which translates into increased burglar protection, greater stability and deformation and torsion are avoided even with large windows (dimensions are possible up to 20% higher)
  • The possibility of constructing special items such as sliding doors lift.
The S 9000
  Increase energy prices becoming a huge cost factor. Moreover, legislative environmental regulations cause high demands in terms of coefficients of thermal insulation in the windows. Windows system GEALAN S 9000 may be obtained by passive house values without previous.

Advantages S9000

  • Concept intelligent sealing gaskets 3 plans
  • excellent thermal and sound insulation geometry with 6 rooms and the great depth of the frame and sash construction
  • to take over the three sheets of glass with thickness up to 54 mm
  • Optimized for bonding glass timber sash, STV®
Technical specifications
  • 82.5 mm construction depth for exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Is this the third gasket which improves insulation protects the hardware elements of moisture and opening behavior is improved even at low temperatures
  • glazing thickness up to 54 mm with GEALAN STV® (allows taking special windows)
  • Stiffener steel for the frame and sash
  • Optimized for bonding glass timber (STV®), minimizes maintenance and adjustment works, increases anti-burglary protection and allows windows up to 20% higher
  • Special items such as lift sliding doors have the best thermal insulation values in the S 9000
  • Height largest glass wall coating for better termoiaolare area most prone to condensation)
  • Floor customizable white, acrylcolor, plating aluminum foil or wood decor unite.

Advantages FUTURA

  • Using technology bubble IKD®: for strengthened insulation and the windows of one of the rooms colored frame is filled with a special foam
  • There are lots of choices of decor and finishes: wood decor foil, foil uni, aluminum plating or special surface acrylcolor
  • And if GEALAN-profiles Futura® innovative bonding process can be used glass, RAL certificate, GEALAN STV®
  • glazing thickness up to 54 mm with GEALAN STV® (allows taking special windows)
The Futura
The Futura

A combination of profiles of some of the S 9000 system offers the possibility of building elements windows with insulation values of the passive house, and in colored version.